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Culturally responsive, humanistic, and holistic voice care for people across the gender spectrum and lifespan
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Kapila Voice and Speech Services

Hello! I am a neurodivergent, Punjabi-American/South Asian-American speech-language pathologist, vocologist and voice teacher specializing in voice rehabilitation/habilitation and gender affirming voice training for singing and speech primarily via telehealth. I have over 20 years of singing training across classical and contemporary music approaches. My dedication in voice works focuses on holistic voice work, trauma-informed and client-centered care, and neurodiversity-affirming practices. I am also a frequent presenter and educator in the areas of gender inclusivity, gender affirming voice care, intersectionality, and other areas related to social justice in the field of speech-language pathology. I am an ASHA-Certified SLP, NCVS trained vocologist, and voice teacher. My training experiences include Somatic Voicework Level 1, Summer Vocology Institute (SVI), McClosky Technique, SPEAK OUT! by Parkinson's Voice Project, PhoRTE (Phonation Resistance Training Exercises), Walt Fritz' Manual Therapy, in addition to several courses on flexible endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES) and rigid laryngeal videostroboscopy. All images of myself were taken by Amira Maxwell Photography, amiramaxwell.com.
Ruchi Kapila (they/she), M.S., CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist and Vocologist


Explore Your Voice in a Safe and Inclusive Space

  • Gender Affirming Voice Modification
  • Voice Modification Therapy
  • Voice Habilitation/Optimization
  • Singing Voice Coaching
  • Voice Coaching for Actors


  • Speech Therapy
  • Conversation Training Therapy (CTT)
  • Stretch and Flow Phonation
  • Resonant Voice Therapy
  • Somatic and Trauma-Informed Voice Exploration
  • Neuroaffirming Voice and Communication
  • PhoRTE
  • Contemporary Commercial Music (CCM) Singing
  • Classical Singing Voice


  • Initial Evaluation: $180 - $330
  • 60-Minute Voice Session (60 min): $165
  • 30-Minute Voice Session: $140
  • Peer Consultation (45 min - 90 min): $200 - $400


“Ruchi is, and I mean this with every fiber of my being, the perfect choice for help in vocal coaching/training...wonderful at their job, and maintain a perfect balance of kindness/compassion and determination/perseverance. ”

Transfeminine client, mid 20s

“Through the explorative work done with Ruchi, I've been able to expand both my understanding and proficiency of my voice as an instrument. This enables me to further delve into more truly self-reflective gender presentations. ”

Gender-questioning client, early 30s

“Ruchi is wonderfully welcoming and I easily formed a strong working bond with them - this work is so personal and it was so important that she made me feel safe. Thank you so much!”

Trans woman client, early 40s
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