Voice and Speech Services with a Gender Inclusive Lens

Culturally responsive, humanistic, and holistic voice care for people across the gender spectrum and lifespan
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Kapila Voice and Speech Services

I am an ASHA-Certified speech-language pathologist (SLP), NCVS trained vocologist, and voice teacher providing teleservices for voice habilitation and therapy. I have 20 years of singing training across classical and contemporary music approaches with a focus on providing gender-affirming voice services for singing and speech. My training experiences include Somatic Voicework Level 1, Summer Vocology Institute (SVI), McClosky Technique, SPEAK OUT! by Parkinson's Voice Project, PhoRTE (Phonation Resistance Training Exercises), and Walt Fritz' Myofascial Release (MFR).
Ruchi Kapila (they/she), M.S., CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist and Vocologist


Explore Your Voice in a Safe and Inclusive Space

  • Gender Affirming Voice Modification
  • Voice Modification Therapy
  • Voice Habilitation/Optimization
  • Singing Voice Coaching
  • Voice Coaching for Actors


  • Contemporary Commercial Music (CCM) Singing
  • Classical Singing Voice
  • Resonant Voice Therapy
  • Stretch and Flow Phonation
  • PhoRTE

Insurance Accepted

  • Kaiser Permanente


  • Initial Evaluation: $180 - $330
  • 60-Minute Voice Session (60 min): $165
  • 45-Minute Voice Session: $145
  • 30-Minute Voice Session: $125
  • Peer Consultation (60 min): $200 - $400